Silicone Zone x Hello Kitty - Mini Pan ( PINK )
Product Code: KDSZK11990AAP
Size: 16.2 x 12.7 x 4.8cm
Colour: PINK
HKD 118.00

GUZZINI Look - Plastic Tray ( SILVER )
Made of a clear material enriched with two chrome inserts, this useful tray with simple lines has a delicate look and will give an elegant touch to the most refined tables.
Product Code: KDGUK09495016
Size: 50 x 34 x h2 cm
Colour: SILVER
HKD 348.00
HKD 100.00

GUZZINI Gocce - Spring Placemat
HKD 88.00

GUZZINI Cristalli - Stainless Drop Stopper
HKD 128.00

Silicone Zone x Hello Kitty - Spatula ( PINK )
This baking utensil is ideal for mixing, lifting, spreading or stirring food, it can be used in all pots and pans without bringing scratches.
Product Code: KDSZK11300ACP
Size: 11.8” x 2” x 0.6” / 30cm x 5.2cm x 1.5cm
Colour: PINK
HKD 88.00

GUZZINI Feeling - Butter Dish
HKD 258.00

GUZZINI Gocce - Parmesan Server / Preserve Jar / Sugar Bowl With Teaspoon
HKD 428.00

Silicone Zone x Hello Kitty - Cake Divider / Multi-Function Chopping Board ( PINK )
A circular Hello Kitty cake divider with different cutting marks, which facilitates you to divide cakes or pies into pieces equally. This non-skid board is also useful for serving your desserts.
Product Code: KDSZK10987AFP
Size: Ø12.6” / Ø 32cm
Colour: PINK
HKD 118.00

Silicone Zone x Hello Kitty - Baking Mat ( PINK )
This non-stick silicone mat makes for a great surface to prepare dough and pastries. It replaces parchment paper and greasy sprays when used in the oven for baking, and dissipates heat rapidly to prevent burning of cookies or pastries. You can follow the Hello Kitty patterns to distribute pastry dough equally.
Product Code: KDSZK11293ABP
Size: 16.5" x 11.6" / 42cm x 29.5cm
Colour: PINK
HKD 168.00